Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm waiting

assalamualaikum n hi bloggers..

how r u??

Isnin amat memenatkan..
dengan kelas sampai petang n plus GERKO, it makes me dying..*sigh
plus MOCK exam result within this week.. it makes me so stressful n nervous. i just don't feel like doing anything. not know. =.=

playing volley ball for GERKO just increases  bruises all over my hand.. and i'm "happy" for that. damn happy.
 looks like mr.diseases loves me so much.. he keeps coming towards me recently..

then, i have math class during the night.. with all the assignment waiting..err.. i'm tired.. not  in the mood of writing.

ntahla..tiba2 i miss my honey.. manalah dya pergi.. lost without any news.. sedih sangat because x sempat jumpa dya..sapa2 ada jumpa dya,please contact me. :'(

"where'd u go,
i miss u so,
seems like it's been forever,
u have gone..
please come back home"

dya la tempat aq bercerita,tempat aq bermanja,tempat aq membebel..arghhh..rendu nak peluk dya..rendu nak  kacau dya tido..*bajet dya paham ja suma tuh..

isk..isk..i miss him damn much..

please come back home.. :'(

again.. please come back home..

Saturday, July 16, 2011

unexpected day

assalammualaikum and good evening everyone.

nice to be here again..

hari ny 16th JUly 2011.. a happy day for NUR FATIHAH AZIZ.

a lot of happiness happened. sepatutnya minggu ny aq balik kg..*bajet jauh ja kg tuh..
disebabkan PGPI IPG ny nak wat pon stay la.. mula2 dapat tahu sukaneka ny wajib untuk PPISMP students, memang berapi la juga kepala..tapi x pala.. what done is done.

so,untuk tidak memboringkan diri ini, aq pon participated la dalam sukan ny.. which is tiup tepung @ white treasurer.
 bertungkus lumus aq tiup tepung tuh..suprisingly,my team won.. haha..

i'm proud of myself*tetiba

then,after that i went back to my room and slept for a little while before i received a phone call from AYU!!.
so damn happy to meet her and Aimi. laughing is always the best cure when u're bored.
can't stop laughing when we always together.

ayu n aimi.. thanks for coming,, i really appreciate it.. u guys are always the best. (:

after laughing, i went to eat with MIRA at Mu cafe.. we talked a lot today after a few days without a word.

suddenly, i bumped into maisarah,ieka,keyn n anis.. it's quite a long time we did no see each other.. today is maisarah's birthday,, HAPPY BIRTHDAY mye.. i hope all ur dreams come true.

we celebrated it together. sweet memory that i shall never forget it. they've change a lot.. well, season changes, people changes too.

i'm so happy today.. walaupon mnggu ny x dpt ikot my mum pergi rumah my's okay.
today experienced worth. pengalaman yg x kan dilupakan.

GUYS, thanks for being such a good friends, thanks for being a part of me.. I LOVE U!! u guys roCK

till next time.. xoxo