Wednesday, April 11, 2012

heart vs Brain? mana satu nak ikut ny

hey. why i'm posting this? sebab apa yang otak cakap x serupa bikin dengan apa yang hati nak.
ala2 lagu najwa latif 2 "otak kata jangan hati pula kata ya". 

lately, Mr.problem comes and visit me. arghh.. hate it but have to face it. when u have a lot of problem but have nobody or nowhere to share it, u  tend to make ur own decision. usually, brains will make a quicker solution than  ur heart. unfortunately, what it said does not compatible with ur heart's voice.  the same goes with me. selalunya orang akan cakap,ikut kata hati. tapi kenapa ada peribahasa "ikut hati mati"? diri sendiri pun x tahu nak ikut suara mana satu. i made a decision and promises to myself and broke it the next minutes. so kata mana yang patut diikuti? i wish I have a power to control my decision, when I said no, then it's no. hahhahaha. in my dream lah kan. jgan haraplah nak bole ikut. susah kot. so,if any of u have any idea, feel free to tell me. 

the mistakes that I made for listening to a wrong voice is hurting me. but, who cares? NOBODY.

x kisahlah.janji exam boleh buat kan.hahaha.*mmg x da kaitan. da mengong. till then, bye.

Friday, April 6, 2012

How to maintain a relationship

hi guys. it takes me almost a half year for updating a new post. Searching for a time and yeap, finally i'm back. so, today all i wanna share is about relationship. not necessarily a relationship with ur lover. it can also be with ur family, friends and others. why i'm writing this? nowadays, not many people appreciate their relationship with surroundings. though u may said it has nothing to do with u, but believe me, we are related to each other either directly or indirectly. 

1. Communication- The key of intimacy. I have to admit that this is the main point in any relationship. people says that I'm snobbish because i do not how to talk. for sure it's not true. it takes time for me to feel comfortable with people and i'm not a type of person who is friendly that can talk to any people at any time. that is why communication has to take place. put it as priority in your life so that people can get along with u easily.
talk when u still have time <3

2. Respect- The key of strong relationship. When we respect other, they'll respect us back. the most difficult trait to obtain. In a simple word, respect everything and everyone. 

3. Keep in touch- The key loyalty. When in relationship, please be loyal regardless any relationship. Don't ever make ur partner walk alone. People thinks that loyalty only worth for a lover. No, no,no. Says who? You can never let ur friends especially you best friends walk alone. DO NOT LEAVE them not matter how hard the situation. Balanced ur loyalty. If you failed to do so, then live ur life alone. Dot not expect others to care for u when u care less for them. 

4. Understanding- The key of communication. Takes time to understand ur relationship. Why it happened? does u really want it? what kind of relationship u want? Once u understand this, you'll start understand others. Do not force yourself. Use ur heart not your mouth!

5. Be Yourself- The key of Happiness. The main point in any relationship. Show ur true colours. Do not pretend to be someone else. Let others fall in love with whom u are not with whom they want. 
we are who we are

A relationship needs a good treatment. Like a plant without nutrient, minerals or fertilizer it can’t grow healthy and stronger. So, do us. Keep a good treatment in you daily life. Try to solve any problem without scratching each other but having a solution and all can be saved. Listening to each other. It strengthens the bond in any relationship.