Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Assaalamualaikum n hi blogger..
Okay..let’s start reading this..hehe.
As we already know, 31st August is known as Independence Day for Malaysian.
As Malaysian, we’re proud to know that we’re still having a chance to live in this peaceful country after all of the struggled faced by our army in defending Malaysia years ago.
What do you really understand about independence?
As for me, independence means freedom. It depend on you.. How you interpret independence. Everyone has their own opinion.
Patriotism is very important. It has to be implemented into every children ‘heart. Every year, government will organize many activities in order to spread patriotism among citizen.
Same goes in this ipg, we’re doing everything we can to show our love towards country.
So, I entered photography contest since it was compulsory .haha.
Of course the theme would be about independence. Sad to know, that I didn’t win. Ye lah. Hantar pon lmbat. It’s okay. R.E.D.H.A.
So, here are some pics that taken by me with the help of HAZZMIRA IZZURAINI as a model..
We had chosen this pic.
below are some of the pic that I rasa comel.

i'm still new in this field..ceewah..haha..
sja gedik test2 ny..

k la..c u next time guys..adios..

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Once in a life time


Hello bloggers..
Okay.. I’m very sad right now cause my baby is sick. I have to sent it to the “hospital” n leave it till the day after tomorrow..
Can’t imagine my life without it.. I can feel that time moves slowly.. erghhh.. hate it..
Well, actually I guess it’s my fault too.. for being so careless.. But that’s me. I am careless. Careless does not mean that I do not love it, it just that.. I don’t know..
I promise that I will take a good GOOD care of you after u have been discharged after this.. 



Saturday, September 3, 2011

it's O.V.E.R.


here i am again.

happy,happy.happy.. thanks my family n en.N.

wait!.. holiday is OVER!


i just can't get enough..isk.isk..
 going back to IPG as earlier as I can since I forgot to bring back my assignment.

it's okay..da pasrah cuti sat2 ja ny..

during this holiday, I managed to use it very "wisely".. not with studying but enjoying..haha

i went to watch Final Destination 5 with my siblings.. ngeri yang amat..
tgok 3D mmg lg feel la kn..

then went to A.S to eat McD n g mkan kat menara alor setar..motif nya? are some pictures..:

my lil bro

mmg sngat happy..

so,,untuk mndpatkan kepuasan sperti ny knaa tunggu cuti nanti plak..

i'm preparing my mind, my body n my soul for upcoming class..

since this sem i have exam,, gonna be busy, i guess,, no more fun like this.

x pa..redha.. bye peeps.