Tuesday, November 29, 2011

hey guys

first of all, a million of thanks to Wani for upgrading my blog. thanks.. im lovin it.. u're the best. glad to have a talented freind like you.. i'm so lucky,(:
it's been a while since my last post. well, i do have a lot of things to share but currently it stucked in my mind. guess it wont come out now.
anyway.. i have finished my foundation year. do wish me with a good result okay?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Assaalamualaikum n hi blogger..
Okay..let’s start reading this..hehe.
As we already know, 31st August is known as Independence Day for Malaysian.
As Malaysian, we’re proud to know that we’re still having a chance to live in this peaceful country after all of the struggled faced by our army in defending Malaysia years ago.
What do you really understand about independence?
As for me, independence means freedom. It depend on you.. How you interpret independence. Everyone has their own opinion.
Patriotism is very important. It has to be implemented into every children ‘heart. Every year, government will organize many activities in order to spread patriotism among citizen.
Same goes in this ipg, we’re doing everything we can to show our love towards country.
So, I entered photography contest since it was compulsory .haha.
Of course the theme would be about independence. Sad to know, that I didn’t win. Ye lah. Hantar pon lmbat. It’s okay. R.E.D.H.A.
So, here are some pics that taken by me with the help of HAZZMIRA IZZURAINI as a model..
We had chosen this pic.
below are some of the pic that I rasa comel.

i'm still new in this field..ceewah..haha..
sja gedik test2 ny..

k la..c u next time guys..adios..

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Once in a life time


Hello bloggers..
Okay.. I’m very sad right now cause my baby is sick. I have to sent it to the “hospital” n leave it till the day after tomorrow..
Can’t imagine my life without it.. I can feel that time moves slowly.. erghhh.. hate it..
Well, actually I guess it’s my fault too.. for being so careless.. But that’s me. I am careless. Careless does not mean that I do not love it, it just that.. I don’t know..
I promise that I will take a good GOOD care of you after u have been discharged after this.. 



Saturday, September 3, 2011

it's O.V.E.R.


here i am again.

happy,happy.happy.. thanks my family n en.N.

wait!.. holiday is OVER!


i just can't get enough..isk.isk..
 going back to IPG as earlier as I can since I forgot to bring back my assignment.

it's okay..da pasrah cuti sat2 ja ny..

during this holiday, I managed to use it very "wisely".. not with studying but enjoying..haha

i went to watch Final Destination 5 with my siblings.. ngeri yang amat..
tgok 3D mmg lg feel la kn..

then went to A.S to eat McD n g mkan kat menara alor setar..motif nya?ntah..haha..here are some pictures..:

my lil bro

mmg sngat happy..

so,,untuk mndpatkan kepuasan sperti ny knaa tunggu cuti nanti plak..

i'm preparing my mind, my body n my soul for upcoming class..

since this sem i have exam,, gonna be busy, i guess,, no more fun like this.

x pa..redha.. bye peeps.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


assalammualaikum ..

i'm so happy..at last i managed to create my own header..hehe..
biasala bab2 IT mmg slow..

hehe..ok..pas ny kerja aq buat header ja la kan,,al-maklumlah baru2 tahu ny..semua nk dicuba..(:
 one of my masterpiece..
ok x???hahaha

ny lagi satu..tp yg ny x jadi la transparent dya..

which one looks better????

hehe..ok see u later..

Thursday, August 25, 2011

just for fun


just like usual, it takes me an aged to update my blog..haha.
quite busy recently with all those assignment. glad, have finished it on time.

now,it is the time for HOLIDAY.. okay.. so happy.. after 10 weeks studying at last, i can breath happily..haha
holiday is in the air,guys.

n it almost the end of Ramadhan, means that Aidilfitri will come soon.


terima kasih..
sentap tiba2.bye -.-

Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm waiting

assalamualaikum n hi bloggers..

how r u??

Isnin amat memenatkan..
dengan kelas sampai petang n plus GERKO, it makes me dying..*sigh
plus MOCK exam result within this week.. it makes me so stressful n nervous. i just don't feel like doing anything. not know. =.=

playing volley ball for GERKO just increases  bruises all over my hand.. and i'm "happy" for that. damn happy.
 looks like mr.diseases loves me so much.. he keeps coming towards me recently..

then, i have math class during the night.. with all the assignment waiting..err.. i'm tired.. not  in the mood of writing.

ntahla..tiba2 i miss my honey.. manalah dya pergi.. lost without any news.. sedih sangat because x sempat jumpa dya..sapa2 ada jumpa dya,please contact me. :'(

"where'd u go,
i miss u so,
seems like it's been forever,
u have gone..
please come back home"

dya la tempat aq bercerita,tempat aq bermanja,tempat aq membebel..arghhh..rendu nak peluk dya..rendu nak  kacau dya tido..*bajet dya paham ja suma tuh..

isk..isk..i miss him damn much..

please come back home.. :'(

again.. please come back home..

Saturday, July 16, 2011

unexpected day

assalammualaikum and good evening everyone.

nice to be here again..

hari ny 16th JUly 2011.. a happy day for NUR FATIHAH AZIZ.

a lot of happiness happened. sepatutnya minggu ny aq balik kg..*bajet jauh ja kg tuh..
disebabkan PGPI IPG ny nak wat sukaneka..aq pon stay la.. mula2 dapat tahu sukaneka ny wajib untuk PPISMP students, memang berapi la juga kepala..tapi x pala.. what done is done.

so,untuk tidak memboringkan diri ini, aq pon participated la dalam sukan ny.. which is tiup tepung @ white treasurer.
 bertungkus lumus aq tiup tepung tuh..suprisingly,my team won.. haha..

i'm proud of myself*tetiba

then,after that i went back to my room and slept for a little while before i received a phone call from AYU!!.
so damn happy to meet her and Aimi. laughing is always the best cure when u're bored.
can't stop laughing when we always together.

ayu n aimi.. thanks for coming,, i really appreciate it.. u guys are always the best. (:

after laughing, i went to eat with MIRA at Mu cafe.. we talked a lot today after a few days without a word.

suddenly, i bumped into maisarah,ieka,keyn n anis.. it's quite a long time we did no see each other.. today is maisarah's birthday,, HAPPY BIRTHDAY mye.. i hope all ur dreams come true.

we celebrated it together. sweet memory that i shall never forget it. they've change a lot.. well, season changes, people changes too.

i'm so happy today.. walaupon mnggu ny x dpt ikot my mum pergi rumah my sis..it's okay.
today experienced worth. pengalaman yg x kan dilupakan.

GUYS, thanks for being such a good friends, thanks for being a part of me.. I LOVE U!! u guys roCK

till next time.. xoxo

Monday, June 6, 2011

we're special

assalammualaikum n hey everyone..
I'm so glad to be here again.. whatever la..
something that i think i should share it with u..
something that we should know about.
how special we are..(:

let us start ..

1. Sekurang-kurangnya ada 5 orang dalam dunia ini menyayangi anda dan sanggup mati kerana anda.

2. Sekurang-kurangnya ada 15 orang dalam dunia ini menyayangi anda dalam beberapa cara.

3. Sebab utama seseorang membenci anda adalah kerana dia ingin menjadi seperti anda.

4. Senyuman daripada anda boleh membawa kebahagiaan kepada seseorang walaupun dia tidak menyukai anda.

5. Setiap malam ada seseorang mengingati anda sebelum dia tidur.

6. Anda amat bermakna dalam hidup seseorang.

7. Kalau bukan kerana anda, seseorang itu tidak akan hidup bahagia.

8. Anda seorang yang istimewa dan unik.

9. Seseorang yang anda tidak ketahui menyayangi anda.

10. Apabila anda membuat kesilapan yang sangat besar, ada hikmah disebaliknya.

11. Sekiranya anda merasakan anda dipinggirkan, fikirlah semula; mungkin
anda yang meminggirkan mereka.

12. Apabila anda terfikir anda tidak mempunyai peluang untuk mendapatkan
sesuatu yang anda ingini, mungkin anda tidak akan memperolehinya, tetapi
sekiranya anda percaya pada diri sendiri lambat-laun anda akan memperolehinya.

13. Kenangilah segala pujian yang anda terima. Lupakan segala maki hamun,
caci & cela.

14. Jangan takut untuk meluahkan perasaan anda; anda akan merasa senang bila seseorang mengetahuinya.

15. Sekiranya anda mempunyai sahabat baik, ambillah masa untuk memberitahunya yang dia adalah yang terbaik. Seminit Hanya seminit diperlukan untuk mendapat sahabat baik, sejam untuk menghargainya, sehari untuk menyayanginya, tapi sepanjang hidup untuk melupakannya. Hantarlah pesanan ini kepada orang yang anda tidak akan lupa dan hantarkan juga kepada orang yang menghantar pesanan ini. Ini adalahpesanan pendek untuk menyatakan yang anda sentiasa mengingatinya. Kalau anda tidak menghantar pesanan ini, bermakna anda sudah melupakan kawan-kawan anda. Ambillah sedikit masa dan anda sudah pasti memberi keceriaan kepada seseorang atau mungkin mengubah hidup mereka kepada yang lebih baik.

p/s: i am special in my own way. same goes with u.. mistakes are a part of our life. believe it or not,    WE'RE SPECIAL!!

thats all..
till we meet again..

Sunday, May 8, 2011

alone without U...

the Lonely
-christina Perri-

TWO am
Where do I begin
crying my off my face again
the silence and the loneliness
wants to follow me to bed
I'm a ghost of girl that I want to be the most
I'm the shadow of the girl that I used to know well

Dancing slowly in empty room
Can lonely take the place of you
I sing myself a quiet lullaby 
Let me go and let the lonely in
to take my heart again

Too afraid to go inside
For the pain of one more loveless night
The loneliness will stay with me
and hold me till I fall asleep

I'm a ghost of girl that I want to be the most
I'm the shadow of the girl that I used to know well

Dancing slowly in empty room
Can lonely take the place of you
I sing myself a quiet lullaby 
Let me go and let the lonely in
to take my heart again

Broken pieces of a barely breathing story
Where there once was love
Now there's only me
and the lonely

Dancing slowly in empty room
Can lonely take the place of you
I sing myself a quiet lullaby 
Let me go and let the lonely in
to take my heart again

yes, i miss you..
i do..
i miss u a lot...
 but, I just can't take one more steps towards you.

don't let me fall for u again
cause this time around, i'm sure
i'll fall hard and it's not easy to leave it
n it takes almost forever to be alright again.

I rather be alone than waiting 4 u.
because all that waiting is REGRET..


Friday, April 29, 2011


assalammualaikum n hi..

well,this weekend, I choose to go home.. such a lovely choice..to be at your house. :)

my friends say that i'm addicted to the game..well, I guess, it suits me very well..

I can't help ,myself from not playing games.. I guess, my day wouldn't be complete without playing games..haha

I've been playing so many games.. n today, i succeed to play another new games which is Fashion designer..
I think this is a new game at Facebook. n I'm LOVING it..
ny la gane tuh,,

lebih kurang cam ny la cara nak main game ny.

sapa2 yg x da kerja 2,elokla cuba main game..haha
ok la,,nak sambung main game..dadada

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


assalammualaikum n hi again n again..

it seems that i have a lot of things to be shared this month..hehe..

at least, it shows that i'm an active blogger.  *hua2..

rasa lega sangat hari ny, semua kekusutan telah terlerai.. walaupon agak stress recently tapi senyum ja la..


lagipun, senyum ny banyak faedahnya taw such as:
  • Smiles improve your appearance. 
  • Smiles make things right again and say much more than words can.
  • Smiles create trust and rapport.
  • Smiles make you feel good. 
  • Smiles make other people feel good. 
  • Wrinkles are better when they're smile lines rather than frown lines. 
  • Smiling is a good long-term predictor of happier life outcomes. 
  • Smiling attracts health, happiness, friends, success, and a longer life.

ceria2 untuk esok sama..

esok,my group akan adakan pertandingan sajak dan storytelling

berminat??bolehlah datang menyaksikan pertandingan diantara TESLian C n D..

debate pon ada esok..

pakat mai2 la nah.. wish us luck too ok!

senyum2 selalu ok...

x rugi sesen pon kalo senyum

there's a quote saying that:
The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cinta tikar sejadah

Assalammualaikum n good morning everyone,

wah,,nice to meet again..

I slept late last night. I think around 2 a.m. dapat peluang tengok cita CINTA TIKAR SEJADAH..bersama2 rumateku..

best sangat2 cita tu.. romantik,islamic, dan best la. tapi satu ja yg x best, ada plak cucu ustaz bole pegang2 tangan depan ustaz dengan bukan muhrimnya..lagi satu, boleh pulak naik moto sama2 p jalan2.. memang "ISLAMIC" la kan.. haish, cita sekarang ny pon..macam2 la.. sweet tu sweet dah tapi sayang x jaga betoi2 jalan cita tuh..

kisah cinta antara cikgu siti dan budak France, Hazry..hurmmm..i LOVE it..

walaopon cita tu dah lama da owang tgok, but at least aq tgok jugak akhirnya..ye la nak wat cmna..daripada dok ikut satu episod per satu episod,lebih baik tgok sekaligus walaupun lambat..

apa2 pun cita ny tetap x leh nak lawan cita Nur Kasih.. yg 2 lagi best..x sabar nk tunggu Nur Kasih the movie plop..hehe..

everyone has its own love story.. maybe we just have to wait and wait..

so mood sekarang ialah berbunga2.. hehe..

see ya!.

Friday, April 22, 2011

i'm sorry

assalammualaikum n hi..

well, i'm just a human..who makes mistake.. n i'm so sorry for hurting u. i know i'm not supposed to do that. but believe me.. all of u are my besties for the rest of my life.

i'm sorry if i HURT u
i'm sorry if i LET U DOWN
i'm sorry if i MAKES UR TEARS DROP
i'm sorry for being TOO SENSITIVE

believe me* if u could*

I'll never ever do that again. i'm just a human. a human that keeps doing the mistakes. I know i'm not good enough but I just don't have a courage when I see ur tears. Guilty overwhelm my heart. I love our friendship so much, so very much. i just can't loose all of u. i know i'm too emotional when it comes to something, but that is me. i'm NUR FATIHAH AZIZ who is such a emotional, immature, imperfect person and macam2 lagi la..

i want to best the best ever friends to all of u. aq x sanggup kehilangan salah seorang for dari kita.

again, please forgive me.. don't keep it in ur heart. tell me if  i make a mistake or if i'm not in a right way..

whatever happens, dont let it break our friendship bond.. lets death separate me from being ur friend, okay..

i guess that's it.. great to let this feeling go away..

i know i was wrong
for treating you the way i did (the way i did)
i have so much on my mind
i didn't know where you fit in (where you fit in)
and if i could do it all over again (again)
i'll never treat you that way
(i'll never treat you that way again)
i apologize for the pain that i caused
and i just wanna say (i just wanna say)
i'm sorry (i'm sorry)
so sorry (so sorry)
for treating you the way i did (i didn't mean it baby)
i'm sorry (i'm sorry)
so sorry (so sorry)


i LOVE all of u!!!

see ya..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


assalammualaikumn hi everyone..

maaf kerana lama da x update blog..biasalah sibuk..*alasan semata-mata..hehehe

nampaknya bulan april bakal melabuhkan tirainya x lama lagi..wah..sekejap ja masa berlalu.. tup2, da nak cuti.. 2 yg x sabaq tu..hehe..

sepanjang bulan april ny, macam2 yg berlaku kat diri ny.. suka duka tu perkara biasa ja..

dimulai dengan English Language camp.. mmg terbaik lah.. bukan senang nak dapat peluang p sekolah ajar budak2.. seriou;lay, I'll never forget about this experience.. x ternilai rasanya.. all those pupils are very active, sporting n cute.. 
group 3

camp's song for respective school

semangatnya diorang


just them

i miss them so much

standard 1

lepas habis kem, mmg letih..hahha..tapi berbaloi dengan apa yg kami dapat..

hujung minggu tuh,untuk bergumbira, kami pon p la melawat muzium..muzium???hahha.. ok la..at least ada gak tepat nak p melawat.. although Perlis x banyak tempat menarik tapi I'M PROUD TO BE PERLISIAN..
hehe..let's take a look about Muzium Kota Kayang.

x cukup sowang-shakiey's missing-

dah memang hobi tangkap gambar, x leh nak wat apa dah..hehehe..apa2 pon terbaik la MOCK family!!

then, on 14th april, birtday Jan.. so,kitorang pon wat suprised kat dya malam tuh*girls only..memeang best,,esoknya,dya blnja KFC..hehe..lagi best..

happy long in the tooth Jan!!

then, we were given a chance to watch a debate.. 5 stars.. terbaik la debate tuh.. mmg best gila..tapi sayang x da gambar nak di tunjukkan..setakat gambar aq ada la..hahha..

pendek kata,macam2 la yg berlaku bulan april ny.,hari tuh sempat p tgok muvie,senjakala.. x dala takot mana,cuma seram gila ja..tp mmg best filem ny..romantik pon ada..3 star boleh kot..

tu ja la kot setakat ny,,penat juga perah otak nak tulis ny..hehe.. to all my beloved friends,
I LOVE U !!!
mira,jan,nash,shakiey,nene,mun,arsyad,hazwan n aime.. thanks..
see ya!!