Friday, April 22, 2011

i'm sorry

assalammualaikum n hi..

well, i'm just a human..who makes mistake.. n i'm so sorry for hurting u. i know i'm not supposed to do that. but believe me.. all of u are my besties for the rest of my life.

i'm sorry if i HURT u
i'm sorry if i LET U DOWN
i'm sorry if i MAKES UR TEARS DROP
i'm sorry for being TOO SENSITIVE

believe me* if u could*

I'll never ever do that again. i'm just a human. a human that keeps doing the mistakes. I know i'm not good enough but I just don't have a courage when I see ur tears. Guilty overwhelm my heart. I love our friendship so much, so very much. i just can't loose all of u. i know i'm too emotional when it comes to something, but that is me. i'm NUR FATIHAH AZIZ who is such a emotional, immature, imperfect person and macam2 lagi la..

i want to best the best ever friends to all of u. aq x sanggup kehilangan salah seorang for dari kita.

again, please forgive me.. don't keep it in ur heart. tell me if  i make a mistake or if i'm not in a right way..

whatever happens, dont let it break our friendship bond.. lets death separate me from being ur friend, okay..

i guess that's it.. great to let this feeling go away..

i know i was wrong
for treating you the way i did (the way i did)
i have so much on my mind
i didn't know where you fit in (where you fit in)
and if i could do it all over again (again)
i'll never treat you that way
(i'll never treat you that way again)
i apologize for the pain that i caused
and i just wanna say (i just wanna say)
i'm sorry (i'm sorry)
so sorry (so sorry)
for treating you the way i did (i didn't mean it baby)
i'm sorry (i'm sorry)
so sorry (so sorry)


i LOVE all of u!!!

see ya..