Sunday, April 10, 2011

-no tittle-

assalammualaikum n olla everyone..

today's entry is about "curahan jiwa raga" ..

gempak gitu..hahah..

have u ever heard this quote?
to err is human,to forgive is divine

well, i guess yes..isn't it?

yeah,it is true to forgive is divine but i just can't forgive u. I've try so many times.. u break my heart again and again without realizing it. i'm tired and sick of u.. 

i do understand that human makes a mistake but u, u never realise ur mistakes. why3x??????

don't u know that i'm really tired of you. why can't u be a good person??

well, don't make me hating u because i still love everything that we shared together. 

please2x, realize it now or u'll loose everything..

u know who u are dear, so change ur self, i know it's not easy to change ourself but remember dear, Rome wasn't built in one day.. so, start changing now..

i'm always be with u~~

adios amigos..hahha.. 

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