Monday, March 28, 2011


assalammualaikum n hi everyone.. 

i'm so happy recently.. I know i have the best besties ever in the world..

last Sunday/Yesterday.. we got a chance to watch  Merong MahawaNgsa..

so freaky happy.. well. the movie quite good.. CONGRATZ kru!!!

we LOve ur movie..

along our journey, of course there will be a photoshoot session..hehe
here we are:

jejaka pilihan*kononnya

mereka buah hati saya..
mira n me..

i want him..
si shomel

dya ny comei

dgan "artis"

dgan Artis lg

kawan2 saya


garang x?

edited by teha

nash n me

nana n me..

serba sedikit about our day,,hehe

that's all..

with LOVE,
cik teha

Saturday, March 26, 2011


assalammualaikum and gOOd evening everyone..

nice to here again,sorry for not updating my blog.. a little busy recently..

anyway, there are a lot thing that I suppose to post but I choose to post about

when I was doing my assignment with my lovely bestie, HaZzmiRa IzzuRaiNi suddenly another bestie SHakiEy came and said that she wanna go out..we're surprised and sad because we can't followed her since she's going to ride a motorcycle with another bestie, Nash..hehe

then suddenly we received a call saying that they just wanna go for a walk around this IPG with  janny(bestie jugop)..hahaha

so, apalagi ..tadaa... hasil jalan2 kitoRang..

kawan2 saya yg shumil2

di bawah pohonan

hazmmira yg kiup
mereka yg disayangi..

saya yg tembam..hehe
tiada motif
dia nashrah yg shumel...

inilah serba sedikit hasilnya..


that's it..
hope u enjoy it..


Friday, March 18, 2011


assalammualaikum n hi every one..

malu..dan malu..
itulah ungkapan yg sesui untuk aq malam ny..

Ya Allah, sungguh x ku sangka..

dya 2 begitu...
 x pa la..

everything happens for reason

let bygone be bygone

Thursday, March 17, 2011

... bUah hAti pengarAng jantung sAya ...

assalammualaikum n hi again n again..
nice to be here again..

kenala slalu update blog kan?? kalo tidak wat pa aq ada blog kn2??

today's entry is about my darlings yg kat IPG perlis nyh..

they are the one for me, the best ever friends besides my smkap frens.

jum tgok2 diorang::
munierah a.k.a munie

miera a.k.a cek mek

arsyad a.ka. arsyad la
aq n nana a.k.a nene

me n jannah a.ka. janny

nashrah a.ka. nash
hazwan a.k.a abg wan
aiman a.k.a aime

janny n shakirah a.k.a shakiey
aqilah a.k.a qila(rumate aq)

mereka2 ny la my back bone aq..
apalah sangat aq kat ipg tu tanpa diorang2 neyh..
i really hope that our friendship will last ever after..
::pengembaraan kita::




 i <3 u
- susah n senang -

kalau ada salah dan silap 2, maafkanlah saya ye..
 i'm just a human being..

kesilapan merupakan sebahagian dari saya..

thanks 4 everything~~~


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i miSS dOubLe AA


here I am again..hehe

got a chance skype-ing with my besties tonight..
oh God, I miss her so damn much..

it reminds me about the old days which I would love to be in that time again IF i got a chance la..

i miss smkap especially 5sf, jaya's room n all my fellow frends.

my besties:


remember this:::
As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
Come Whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever

please2, promise me.:: kita kawan sampai mati kan2?

i'll never forget both u n others like wani,ayu sabah,husna,ida,timah,ummi,nady,faten,anis,jay,niney,dini,n yg laen2 la..

friends 4 ever,

Saturday, March 12, 2011


assalammualaikum n hi everyone..

nice to be here again~~

finally, i managed to update my blog after struggled with MOCK exam..

weehu, holiday is in the air.. i LOVE it so very much..
i guess all of u love it too..

a lot of thing to be done during this holiday.. n i'll make sure i'll do it!

so,happy holiday everyone even though it just a week..

try to use it wisely..

p/s: i love holiday but I would love to have my holiday with my friends, 
I miss them :(