Monday, March 28, 2011


assalammualaikum n hi everyone.. 

i'm so happy recently.. I know i have the best besties ever in the world..

last Sunday/Yesterday.. we got a chance to watch  Merong MahawaNgsa..

so freaky happy.. well. the movie quite good.. CONGRATZ kru!!!

we LOve ur movie..

along our journey, of course there will be a photoshoot session..hehe
here we are:

jejaka pilihan*kononnya

mereka buah hati saya..
mira n me..

i want him..
si shomel

dya ny comei

dgan "artis"

dgan Artis lg

kawan2 saya


garang x?

edited by teha

nash n me

nana n me..

serba sedikit about our day,,hehe

that's all..

with LOVE,
cik teha

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