Wednesday, April 6, 2011

EngLish LanGuage CAMP

assalammualaikum n hi everyone..

glad to be here again.. thanks to Allah for giving me a chance to update my blog again..

I'm very busy lately plus I'm not in a good mood to write..haha..

so, back to my story, this week is a ELC for all Teslian Sem2 IPG kampus Perlis..
fuhhh... it's very fun.. well i guess it suite our camp's motto which is  
we love it very much.. thanks to our lecturers for giving us a chance to experience this thing *macam acknowledgement*

so, today is the day when we supposed to show and consult our lecturers about our activities..

guess what?? we'll be going to school this Tuesday and Wednesday. we'll guide the pupils there and carry a few activities with them. we had been divided into four main groups and we'll be going to 4 different school..

i can't wait for tomorrow to come..  as for my group, we'll be going to SK Changkat Jawi..

trust me, u'll be shock once u enter the school.. whatever it is, we're glad to be in that particular school..
 so this is my group members:
they're very sporting..

haha.. wish us good luck ok?!..

my days wouldn't be complete without my besties.. hehe.. jom tengok2 sikit..(:
from the left: zu, fara, nene n me [my group's member]

me n nene are in the same group for ELC ..hehe.

teha, jannah n hazmira yg pemalu*errr

me n jannah

-our log book-

arsyad,teha,jan, wan.[group dekat]

i guess thats all for now..  i'll be update my post again after this with the pupils..

hehe.. so, have a nice day everyone..


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