Monday, February 21, 2011

i LOVE february

assalammualaikun and hi everyone. 

i'm back with a lot of things to be share.. sounds great right?? haha..

 February is the busiest month so far in 2011.. a lot of assignment to be done
plus K.O.T (kejohanan olahraga tahunan) n pilihan raya..

weehu.. plus the most important event which is MOCK exam!!!

i'm dead.. a lot of thing to be cover and a lot of new thing to be absorb in my mind.


there's no revision week for this exam..
although it's not the real exam but still I bet almost all the teslian wants to study alone too..

so, I really need to plan my revision carefully...

ohh yeah, i'm almost forgot. we're doing on Macbeth right now..
our lecturer seems very excited when it comes to role play..
we're the one who shivering like a death..hahhaha..

anyway, I'll try my best during Macbeth's play..
who knows, I might have the talent ;)

Got to continue doing my assignment..

it's better to do it right now when I still have the writing mood ..

we'll meet again..

xoxo (: byE

Thursday, February 10, 2011

fly me aWay (:

will you fly me away.
take me away with you my love...

 I'm back after the holiday..

well..again love makes me blind..
haha, i 
know I'm not suppose to fall in love with u, but i can't help my self..

every time i see you, my heart will fly away..

among all the guy, i found you..

u're special..
i i wish i was special too so that u can see me...

I'm here..
standing not so in front of u, but still i bet u can see me..(:

i wish i had a courage..
okla.. da merapu aq ny..

whatever it is..
u make me FLY AWAY!!

see you around this IPG..(:

thinking of u makes my heart beat fast..
as fast as u could never think...

till here cause i'm really sleepy right now..