Thursday, February 10, 2011

fly me aWay (:

will you fly me away.
take me away with you my love...

 I'm back after the holiday..

well..again love makes me blind..
haha, i 
know I'm not suppose to fall in love with u, but i can't help my self..

every time i see you, my heart will fly away..

among all the guy, i found you..

u're special..
i i wish i was special too so that u can see me...

I'm here..
standing not so in front of u, but still i bet u can see me..(:

i wish i had a courage..
okla.. da merapu aq ny..

whatever it is..
u make me FLY AWAY!!

see you around this IPG..(:

thinking of u makes my heart beat fast..
as fast as u could never think...

till here cause i'm really sleepy right now..

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