Monday, January 24, 2011

hEy yOu!!!!

assalammualaikum and good evening everyone. fuhh!! i'm so damn tired..
just got back from playing hockey.. well, one of my way to keep my body fit..
just forget about that..that not the reason y i'm writing this post..

have you ever fall in love???
i guess many of us had experienced it,right?
love could be so sweet at the time and sometimes it could be the most dangerous poison that we ever meet..
well, for sure i'm one of those people who had fall in love. i can't denied that love is wonderful..
BUT for a short time only... I really don't know HOW and WHEN i started to hate him..
sometimes, I fell that he is so annoying.
i don't know y..
whatever it is,he must stop disturbing me!! i really hate it..
don't he get it, we're not meant together..
y it is so hard for him to accept that fact??!!!
any method to make he forget about me???
i REALLY can't stand it anymore..*sigh

I know that we used to love each other, but let the pass remain the pass.

till now..bye.. :'(

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