Friday, January 14, 2011

goOd bYe... )':

assalamlaikum and a very good evening to all.. after a long rest,finally i,manage to update my new post.*proud
a little bit sad cause i'll be losing my lil bro,the one who really close with me.
 he's going to further his study at Royal Military Collage..even though it's not far2 away..but, i know i'm gonna miss him a lot..haha..
funny isn't.we always had a fight but the real of us really love each other..(perasan ckit) :)
gonna meet him for the last time tonight..then i have to wait another 7 MONTH  to meet him again... totally my house will be lonely without him especially during the holiday..what ever it is, i wish him a very2 GOOD LUCK! ur best there.. i'll pray for u here..(: i'm really sad n i dunno y i feel like this..
p/s: just know this,
                                                      I LOVE YOU!!
till here..bye

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