Sunday, January 2, 2011

NEW yeAr,new Life..

first of all, I wanna wish everybody Happy New Year!!. another year to enjoy~~

well. again, I'm back in IPG..*sigh
of course i;m happy..can't wait to see all my frenz. mish all of u so much..<3<3
went back to my beloved room B211 this evening..
done with cleaning and everything..huh.. so tired..
can't wait to sleep..

talking about class,i can't believe i will say this but i REALLY can't wait for the class to start..
i don't know y. new lecturer means new learning is great to try something new..right?
i'm so eager to be in the class again..after 2 month on vacation, my mind stuck..hahha
need to refresh A.S.A.P..

other than that,
i really hope this year i can lose a little weight..hahha
i wanna be  me.

gotta go..i'll write more after this..bye..(:

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