Saturday, March 26, 2011


assalammualaikum and gOOd evening everyone..

nice to here again,sorry for not updating my blog.. a little busy recently..

anyway, there are a lot thing that I suppose to post but I choose to post about

when I was doing my assignment with my lovely bestie, HaZzmiRa IzzuRaiNi suddenly another bestie SHakiEy came and said that she wanna go out..we're surprised and sad because we can't followed her since she's going to ride a motorcycle with another bestie, Nash..hehe

then suddenly we received a call saying that they just wanna go for a walk around this IPG with  janny(bestie jugop)..hahaha

so, apalagi ..tadaa... hasil jalan2 kitoRang..

kawan2 saya yg shumil2

di bawah pohonan

hazmmira yg kiup
mereka yg disayangi..

saya yg tembam..hehe
tiada motif
dia nashrah yg shumel...

inilah serba sedikit hasilnya..


that's it..
hope u enjoy it..


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