Saturday, September 3, 2011

it's O.V.E.R.


here i am again.

happy,happy.happy.. thanks my family n en.N.

wait!.. holiday is OVER!


i just can't get enough..isk.isk..
 going back to IPG as earlier as I can since I forgot to bring back my assignment.

it's okay..da pasrah cuti sat2 ja ny..

during this holiday, I managed to use it very "wisely".. not with studying but enjoying..haha

i went to watch Final Destination 5 with my siblings.. ngeri yang amat..
tgok 3D mmg lg feel la kn..

then went to A.S to eat McD n g mkan kat menara alor setar..motif nya? are some pictures..:

my lil bro

mmg sngat happy..

so,,untuk mndpatkan kepuasan sperti ny knaa tunggu cuti nanti plak..

i'm preparing my mind, my body n my soul for upcoming class..

since this sem i have exam,, gonna be busy, i guess,, no more fun like this.

x pa..redha.. bye peeps.

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