Saturday, July 16, 2011

unexpected day

assalammualaikum and good evening everyone.

nice to be here again..

hari ny 16th JUly 2011.. a happy day for NUR FATIHAH AZIZ.

a lot of happiness happened. sepatutnya minggu ny aq balik kg..*bajet jauh ja kg tuh..
disebabkan PGPI IPG ny nak wat pon stay la.. mula2 dapat tahu sukaneka ny wajib untuk PPISMP students, memang berapi la juga kepala..tapi x pala.. what done is done.

so,untuk tidak memboringkan diri ini, aq pon participated la dalam sukan ny.. which is tiup tepung @ white treasurer.
 bertungkus lumus aq tiup tepung tuh..suprisingly,my team won.. haha..

i'm proud of myself*tetiba

then,after that i went back to my room and slept for a little while before i received a phone call from AYU!!.
so damn happy to meet her and Aimi. laughing is always the best cure when u're bored.
can't stop laughing when we always together.

ayu n aimi.. thanks for coming,, i really appreciate it.. u guys are always the best. (:

after laughing, i went to eat with MIRA at Mu cafe.. we talked a lot today after a few days without a word.

suddenly, i bumped into maisarah,ieka,keyn n anis.. it's quite a long time we did no see each other.. today is maisarah's birthday,, HAPPY BIRTHDAY mye.. i hope all ur dreams come true.

we celebrated it together. sweet memory that i shall never forget it. they've change a lot.. well, season changes, people changes too.

i'm so happy today.. walaupon mnggu ny x dpt ikot my mum pergi rumah my's okay.
today experienced worth. pengalaman yg x kan dilupakan.

GUYS, thanks for being such a good friends, thanks for being a part of me.. I LOVE U!! u guys roCK

till next time.. xoxo

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