Sunday, June 10, 2012

happy vs bored

it's been a while since my last post. kind of busy during my holiday with my sister's wedding. Alhamdulillah, finally she found her soul mate and our family receive a new family member. congrats. i'm still awkward with him.. biasalh, x berapa kenal the time goes on, i think we'll be close. i do believe that both of them will live their life happily ever after until Jannah, InsyaAllah

. as for me, quite upset since i'm close to her and now she's married, life would not be the same anymore. isk.isk. no more sisters's crazy day.. gonna spend my holiday with my brother la pas ni. as for now, i'm spending the rest of my holiday with my lappy n my friend, husna and it's damn bored coz we have no idea what to do. gossiping is boring as no hot news around. i miss to laugh crazily with my friends, talking non stop about everything and do anything that we want like we did during our school time. it was fun though we got scolded by the teachers. well, we should live life to the fullest, right? (;

i miss them especially anis, jay,iswani,faten,wani, ayu(s) and many more.

the new semester gonna start just a few days*sigh.. malas rasanya hendak kembali especially when u have a conflict.. x palah.. i miss my Hazzmira Izzuraini, Arsyad muhamad n hazwan.. rindu nak duduk bersembang kat cafe.. as for the new sem, i want to promise my self to stay strong no matter what happen. 

till now8 x larat dah nak taip.. have a nice day everyone! 

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